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👋A central hub for navigating the Coronavirus. We'll be updating as new resources become available. Please feel free to share. 😊

Note: these are my own personally curated links based on what I'm reading and listening to. This is NOT an exhaustive or exclusive list, nor is it meant to replace your own resources. I am not a medical professional, scientist nor expert. Use your own judgment and discernment.

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☎️ Community Care Call: Small Business Owners

NEW!! Tuesday, March 24th at 1pm MST / 3pm EST

*Both calls will be recorded and sent out to those who register.

As entrepreneurs, we are especially feeling the effects of COVID-19 as we navigate a slowdown in spending, events getting cancelled and trying to figure out how to promote our business when everyone is paying attention elsewhere. We'll talk about some strategies and offer support, and help you figure out what's best for your business.

👉 Register for the Community Call (Business) here

☎️ Community Care Call: General / Open

Wednesday, March 18th at 10am MST / 12pm EST

*Both calls will be recorded and sent out to those who register.

We'll gather on Zoom and process together. Come for the camaraderie, come to get support, come to help others brainstorm ideas for how to navigate this, and come to be in community when we're all at home and can't be together IRL. We'll also talk about ways we can help others - particularly those more vulnerable. This is open to everyone who needs it (and it's ok to need it).

👉 Register for the Community Call (General/Open) here

If you're looking for information:

If you're looking for how to help:

If you're feeling anxious:

If you've got kids:

Covid Social Story for Children.pdf


If you're suddenly working from home:

If you're looking for educational/homeschool resources:

If you're a business owner:

If you're looking for ways to stay healthy (mind & body):